Welcome to Susan Boyoung Bailey’s official original music site, where you can check out this singer’s/songwriter’s/musician’s organic original music, in a heartfelt blend of authentic folk/folk rock/pop rock/alternative rock and also electronic/indie pop/rock styles.

Enjoy the sweet summer sounds of “A Cicada’s Song,” about a nostalgic love story that’s timelessly portrayed.  Listen to Susan’s first album, Landscape Changes.

And, click here to download your (3) FREE songs from this relaxing, folk and country collection of nature-inspired songs.


Find out more about Susan’s music, and please download more FREE songs from her reverbnation.com page and bandcamp.com page.

Catch the cosmic beat with galactically-inspired beats–all pretty dance-able–with Susan’s electronic/pop/rock album: Astro-Nautical.  Find this album on iTunes and Amazon.  And, click here to  download (3) FREE songs.


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